Website Prayer Request

J.O. asks for prayer for:

- B, just lost his job and needs one immediately.
- K.B. as he seeks divine intervention and God’s favor for a difficult situation.
- A. missionary couple returning from the mission field permanently and are seeking divine breakthrough in finding a job from the sending organization.
- A. B. & M. are seeking immediate divine intervention in finding continuous income to complete their construction project for retirement.
- E., R., A.B.A. are seeking jobs. They are seeking for divine breakthrough in finding financial resources and stable jobs until retirement age.
- Hannah seeking divine breakthrough in her upcoming graduation ceremony
- M., R., M., J., B., and P. are all seeking divine breakthrough in their health challenges.
- B., J., J., R., and E. need Christ in their personal lives
- B. seeking divine breakthrough in finding financial resources, work and for his house construction project.
- A.K. is desperately in need of a job according to his qualifications.
- B. seeks divine breakthrough for financial challenges. 

Prayer E-mails, Ministry Requests, and Praise Reports April 2018

Lift M. in prayer, as her reports have increased her need for more intervention.

Pray for A. that her scans will yield hopeful results.

Pray for G. and the frustration she’s experiencing.

Pray for R. and R. that their loss becomes easier to handle, and they find housing.

Pray that R. finds the means to maintain with her finances.

Pray for J. that her spirits stay lifted.

Pray that M. finds housing suitable for his disability.

Pray that J. is able to find peace with his landlord.

Pray that D's grant request is honored.

Continue to lift J., A. and their daughters in prayer for their personal struggles.

Pray that L. is healing well, and that we will hear a positive update from her or her caregiver very soon.

Praise Reports:

A. scans came back yielding great results.

Praise for R. that she is feeling better than she’s felt in a while.

Praise that R. is still cancer free.

Praise that Y. has the desire to get back into crafting activities that she once did before her diagnosis.