Kate's Race 2017

What Is Kate's Race?

Kate Shultz was one of Hope Cancer Ministries' early clients and the inspiration for Kate's Race.  Kate Shultz had a vision of having an annual race to support Hope Cancer.  She wanted to see continued support for a ministry with spiritual emphasis that offered real and eternal hope - not just cancer research.  She died of osteosarcoma before we had our first race.  Hope Cancer continues this race to honor the memory of Kate as a symbol of all those who need to have Hope!  Join us for another year to honor the memory of Kate and to support the ministry work she inspired.

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The Home Team

The Home Team is Our staff and their family walking together.






Brenda's Bunch

Brenda’s Bunch is Phil Klein, his family and friends walking in memory of his wife Brenda who lost her battle with cancer.



Kevin's Team

Kevin’s family and friends walk together to raise awareness and money for Hope Cancer.


Baker-Taylor Team

Dan Johnson, our chairman, leads his colleagues at work to walk and raise money for Hope Cancer.