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Race day September 14th, 2019, Click the link below for more details!

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About Hope Cancer Ministries

For those whose lives have been ravaged by cancer, Hope Cancer Ministries is a people- not disease-centered outreach that connects community and churches to newly diagnosed families through believers who serve, minister to, witness and share the love of Christ.  Hope Cancer Ministries is dependent upon its outreach church partners, their congregations, the generosity of corporate sponsors and individual donors, and the work of our volunteers to bring hope, care and life in Christ  to those in great need of love and support.

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As a people-over-disease-centered outreach, people and human connection are at the very center of what Hope Cancer Ministries does. Connect directly with our clients who are in the midst of diagnosis and treatment by preparing meals, navigating community resources, praying for, sending inspirational notes to or just acting as a support person in whatever way is needed. Learn more . . .


Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and it not only devastates the physical health of those who are afflicted, it turns lives upside down. From extensive periods of missed work due to surgery and treatment to piles of medical bills, cancer ravages every aspect of the lives of people and families affected by the disease.  Learn more about real need from specific individuals and other ways to give . . .  


While churches have systems in place to minister to members of their own congregation whose lives have been devastated by cancer, the opportunity to provide hope, healing and the love of Jesus Christ to the suffering who do not have the blessing of a church family can be life-transforming.  Hope Cancer Ministries is the only organization in Charlotte that connects the unchurched and suffering directly with The Church and Body of Christ through financial and volunteer partnerships.  Learn more about becoming a Hope Outreach Partner . . .  

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